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S2 E1: Alison Duvall and Tectonic Geomorphology

alison duvall holds a rock standing in a river

Season 2 of FieldSound, the official UW College of the Environment podcast, launches today with this episode! Be sure to like, share and subscribe to catch a new episode each Tuesday. In this episode, Associate Professor of Earth and Space Sciences Alison Duvall shares about tectonic geomorphology, her work with the Cascadia CoPes Hub to increase knowledge about natural hazards and empower communities to build resilience in the face of environmental change, and her path to becoming a scientist. 

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S1 E9: The Big One with Harold Tobin and Audrey Dunham

City of Seattle

Earthquakes can strike at any moment. On the final Season 1 episode of FieldSound, UW seismologists Harold Tobin and Audrey Dunham discuss the impending threat of “The Big One” – a large-scale earthquake that will strike along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Tobin and Dunham also share recent advances in earthquake and tsunami preparedness for communities inland and along the coast in the Pacific Northwest. 

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S1 E8: Maple Syrup Day with Mount Rainier Institute and the UW Bigleaf Maple Syrup Program

A student collects maple sap in Pack Forest

Episode 8 features the Mount Rainier Institute (MRI), an education program at located at the foot of Mount Rainier providing regional schools with in-depth programs focused on forest science and STEM education in an outdoor classroom setting. MRI operates out of the Charles Lathrop Pack Experimental Forest, part of the UW School of Environment and Forest Sciences, which encompasses 4,300 acres of working forestland providing the resources to discover, teach and demonstrate the concepts of sustainable forestry. 

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