A haven for research in the South Pacific, Tetiaroa offers new insights on tropical ecosystems

a person walks on sand near water

Tetiaroa in the South Pacific Ocean is a paradise of turquoise, clear water and white-sand beaches. Sea turtles, juvenile sharks and birds of all sizes live in and around the atoll, a series of 12 small coral islets encircling a lagoon. While not untouched by humans, these islands in French Polynesia are relatively pristine and offer researchers an opportunity to immerse themselves and study within a thriving tropical ecosystem. 

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S2 E1: Alison Duvall and Tectonic Geomorphology

alison duvall holds a rock standing in a river

Season 2 of FieldSound, the official UW College of the Environment podcast, launches today with this episode! Be sure to like, share and subscribe to catch a new episode each Tuesday. In this episode, Associate Professor of Earth and Space Sciences Alison Duvall shares about tectonic geomorphology, her work with the Cascadia CoPes Hub to increase knowledge about natural hazards and empower communities to build resilience in the face of environmental change, and her path to becoming a scientist. 

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