Year in review: College of the Environment story highlights from 2023

a collage of images from stories this past year and text that says 'highlights from 2023'

From new discoveries in our solar system to insights about how predators and prey interact with humans, 2023 was another impressive year of research in the UW College of the Environment. Our students tackled new challenges, like their first successful deployment of ocean instrumentation known as Seagliders. We celebrated anniversaries, new honors, new leadership positions and more. Here are some highlights from the past year.

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Study shows UW Farm practices restore soil health

The soil beneath our feet may not often catch our attention, but keeping it healthy can have major impacts on climate change and the overall sustainability of our food production system. A new study of agricultural practices at the UW Farm, led by recent College of the Environment graduate Julia Macray and Professor of Earth and Space Sciences David Montgomery, demonstrated that even relatively small changes to the ways we farm can help restore soil health and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. 

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5th National Climate Assessment authors include UW climate experts

A tribal fire crew member in Oregon monitors a prescribed burn, a key tool for preventing large wildfires that are likely to become more common under climate change.

Three University of Washington experts are among the authors of the newly released Fifth National Climate Assessment, an overview of climate trends, impacts and efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change across the nation. The assessment is produced roughly every four years, led by the U.S. Global Change Research Program and mandated by Congress. The fifth edition, released Nov. 14, assesses current and future risks posed by climate change in 10 regions. 

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