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Piranha ancestor bit harder than a T-rex - UW News

Taking into consideration its size, an ancient relative of piranhas weighing about 20 pounds delivered a bite with a force more fierce than prehistoric whale-eating sharks, the four-ton ocean-dwelling Dunkleosteus terrelli and – even – Tyrannosaurus rex. This research was done by biology doctoral student Stephanie Crofts, who works in Adam Summers‘ lab at Friday Harbor Labs. Read more about megapirahna here! 

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Happy New Year! - This week's CoEnv published research

Each week we share the latest publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the holiday weeks, three new articles co-authored by members of the College of the Environment were added to the Web of Science or published online. 1. Title: Ptychoderid Hemichordate Neurulation without a Notochord (Abstract only; subscription required for full text) Authors: Luttrell, Shawn1,2; Konikoff, Charlotte1,3; Byrne, Alana1,2; Bengtsson, Barbara1; Swalla, Billie J.1,2,3 1. 

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