15 news posts from April 2012

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Conservation in the Anthropocene - Breakthrough Journal

Conservation heavy-hitters Peter Kareiva, Michelle Marvier, and Robert Lalasz recently discussed how conservation is losing the war to protect nature despite winning the battle to create parks and game preserves. In a new debate, a host of passionate 21st Century conservationists, including SAFS’ Ray Hilborn, face off with the authors over the resilience of nature, corporate partners, and the state of conservation today. 

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WA Integrated Climate Response Strategy released

This week the Department of Ecology announced the release of their final report mandated by Governor Gregoire and the Washington State Legislature. Preparing for a Changing Climate: Washington State’s Integrated Climate Response Strategy provides recommendations to help prepare for climate change risks and build capacity to adapt to expected changes.  This report builds from the findings of the comprehensive 2009 Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment produced by the Climate Impacts Group. 

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New study highlights the commercial and ecological importance of forage fish - Washington Post

A report released earlier this week by the 13-member Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force – which includes UW scientists Tim Essington (School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences) and Dee Boersma (Biology) – details the importance of forage fish to commercially valuable fish species and other’s dependent upon them as a food source.  Check out the report’s executive summary, or read about it in the Washington Post. 

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