37 news posts from February 2012

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The next big one will be really big - KCBY

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is due for an earthquake. However, new research suggests that the next could be bigger than previously expected–rivaling the event in Japan last year. Bill Steele and John Vidale are quoted. Read more here. 

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Washington Sea Grant to present geoduck research symposium - WSG

A Geoduck Research Symposium sponsored by Washington Sea Grant and the Washington State Department of Ecology will feature the latest findings by scientists from the University of Washington and other research institutions. The geoduck (Panopea generosa) is North America’s largest burrowing clam. It is found in soft intertidal and subtidal marine habitats in the northeast Pacific Ocean to depths of more than 200 feet. 

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Stop putting the squeeze on tiger territory - SEFS/UW News

Eric Dinerstein is the chief scientist at World Wildlife Fund, and a UW alum. Written up by SEFS’ Cecilia Paul, this story overviews his work to conserve habitat for endangered species around the world. Notably, he has found that none of the preserves set aside for tigers is big enough to provide suitable habitat. Dinerstein will be giving a lecture on campus on March 1, hosted by SEFS and the College of the Environment. 

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