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Temporary Field Position

Temporary Field Position
Field Assistant for Senior Research Scientist
$25 per hour
The University of Washington and King County have a great opportunity for a temporary hourly
Field Assistant. The project is entitled “Floating Treatment Wetland/Biomedia Module Design,
Field Installation and Monitoring Project”.
The purpose of the research is to: “Develop a FTW/biomedia module design, installation and
efficacy monitoring for:
1) Lake stormwater entry sites. This design will increase contact time and biomedia to
stormwater (SW) ratio for deeper water bodies with fish to reduce contaminants (focusing on
6PPD quinone). We will be determining fish use of these modules.
2) Add FTW/biomedia modules to current stormwater pond. The new design will help us
determine the necessary ratio of biomedia to stormwater to reduce 6PPD quinone.
This incumbent will work under supervision from the Senior Research Scientist to complete the
following: assist with determining and collecting materials necessary; assist with installation of
the new module design; carry out fieldwork and collect necessary samples; record and analyze
data collected; organize sample testing; ensure that quality standards are met; assist the Senior
Research Scientist to achieve project goals.
Undergrad or grad student majoring in a relevant field of study, preferably at the UW. Two or
more years of experience in field work or study.
Knowledge of water quality and salmonid issues.
Interested applicants, please send a cv to Lizbeth Seebacher at lizbetha@uw.edu by May 3rd.