Cherry trees on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus are waking up and getting ready to say hello. For the 29 iconic Yoshino cherry trees in the UW Quad, peak bloom will likely begin after March 20, according to UW arborist Sara Shores.

“Historically, peak bloom in the Quad typically begins during the third full week of March and goes into the fourth week of March. That seems to be what this year is going to look like,” said Shores. “Right now, I would guess that the last two weekends of March are ideal viewing conditions.”

Check this UW News post for updates on the latest estimates, which could change based on weather conditions. This UW cherry blossom visitor’s site has info and tips on viewing the blossoms.

Since 2018, a UW research group has been monitoring campus blossoms from January to April with the goal of creating a model that will use weather data to predict the timing of peak bloom. Marlee Theil, a graduate student in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, currently leads the monitoring team of more than 20 undergraduates.

“The data that we gather will not just help us know in future years when to come to campus to enjoy the trees,” said Theil. “This will also be a valuable research tool to understand how these trees respond to changing environmental conditions.”

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