A map of the earth showing average sea surface temperatures
September 2023 sea surface temperature difference from the 1985-1993 average. Much of the global oceans are warmer than average, and the Pacific is in an El Niño pattern.

Ocean temperatures and their connections to weather trends have been making news. Five UW College of the Environment experts offer their perspectives on the current El Niño — a climate pattern in the tropical Pacific Ocean that affects weather worldwide. UW researchers comment on the current El Niño, its effect on weather in the Pacific Northwest, as well as on regional and global ocean temperature trends.

Quoted in this piece are: Aaron Levine, a research scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean and Ecosystem Studies (CICOES); Dennis Hartmann, professor of atmospheric sciences; Nick Bond, a research scientist at CICOES and Washington’s state climatologist; Jan Newton, senior principal oceanographer at the UW Applied Physics Laboratory and co-director of the Washington Ocean Acidification Center; and LuAnne Thompson, professor of oceanography.

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