Together with #UWEnvironment researchers and educators, we venture from the mountains to the sea in Episodes 7 and 8 of our FieldSound Podcast.

Episodes 7 of our FieldSound Podcast features Randie Bundy, a researcher with the University of Washington School of Oceanography. Her complex work looks into the cycling of trace metals in marine environments, how bioactive metals such as iron, copper, and cobalt are acquired by marine phytoplankton and bacteria, and how the organic forms of these metals affect their uptake and cycling in the ocean. Bundy shares her path to science, how she approaches scientific inquiry, and what it’s like to be an ocean scientist living and working at sea.

Randie Bundy recently co-led a team aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson for the recent Gradient 5 Survey with all female principal investigators, LGBTQIA+ diversity represented, and participants from 14 countries of origin.

Listen to Episode 7, “Tides That Bind”

Since 2018, Randie Bundy has received 4 grants from the Simons Foundation: Mechanisms of trace metal regeneration in the upper ocean via organic ligands, The fundamental role of heterotrophic bacteria in the global iron cycle, The Impact of Trace Metals on Microbial Communities in the Pacific Ocean and In the Iron Continuum: Physicochemical Metal Speciation Dictates Bioavailability.