A diver next to the Seattle waterfront sea wall.
University of Washington
A researcher from the UW Wetland Ecosystem Team studies how well the new seawall protects salmon and the organisms that feed them.

Seattle is reimagining and creating a living urban waterfront — building a healthy future for the city’s people, wildlife, culture and economy. The UW has been part of the project from the start.

Seattle’s waterfront renewal is one of the region’s most ambitious and innovative undertakings since the Seattle World’s Fair transformed the city in 1962. Finally reconnecting Seattle’s waterfront to its downtown, this $750 million renovation and restoration will create a network of public parks, cultural celebration spaces and an expanded aquarium — while building a sophisticated, seismically sound, salmon-friendly new seawall. Decades of work and thousands of people — including University of Washington scientists, faculty and alumni — have contributed to transforming 17 waterfront blocks into welcoming walkways and scenic parks cradled between the city’s sparkling skyline and the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. From research and history to urban planning, ecology, engineering, art, philanthropy and beyond, the UW has been integral to this monumental civic project.

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