Every other week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past two weeks, five new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about clingfish, tidal energy and more. Read on!

1. Title: Hydrothermally-altered dacite terrains in the Methana peninsula Greece: Relevance to Mars
Authors: Cloutis, EA; Jonatanson, V; Bandfield, JL; Amador, ES; Rivera-Hernandez, F; Mann, P; Mertzman, SA
Source: Planetary and Space Science, Volume 138, Pages 55-74. Published April 2017

2. Title: From smooth to rough, from water to air: the intertidal habitat of Northern clingfish (Gobiesox maeandricus)
Authors: Ditsche, P; Hicks, M; Truong, L; Linkem, C; Summers, A
Source: Science of Nature, Volume 104, Published April 2017

3. Title: Competitive traits of the invasive grass Arundo donax are enhanced by carbon dioxide and nitrogen enrichment
Authors: Nackley, L; Hough-Snee, N; Kim, SH
Source: Weed Research, Volume 57, Issue 2, Pages 67-71. Published April 2017

4. Title: Evaluating Smartphone Pressure Observations for Mesoscale Analyses and Forecasts
Authors: Madaus, LE; Mass, CF
Source: Weather and Forecasting, Volume 32, Issue 2, Pages: 511-531. Published April 2017

5. Title: Linear correlations in bamboo coral delta C-13 and delta O-18 sampled by SIMS and micromill: Evaluating paleoceanographic potential and biomineralization mechanisms using delta B-11 and Delta(47) composition
Authors: Saenger, C; Gabitov, RI; Farmer, J; Watkins, JM; Stone, R
Source: Chemical Geology, Volume 454, Pages 1-14. Published April 5, 2017

6. Title: Retrieving forest canopy extinction coefficient from terrestrial and airborne lidar
Authors: Ma, LX; Zheng, G; Eitel, JUH; Magney, TS; Moskal, LM
Source: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 236, Pages1-21. Published April 2017.

7. Title: Relative importance of abiotic, biotic, and disturbance drivers of plant community structure in the sagebrush steppe
Authors: Mitchell, RM; Bakker, JD; Vincent, JB; Davies, GM
Source: Ecological Applications, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 756-768. Published April 2017

8. Title: Managing mixed-stock fisheries: genotyping multi-SNP haplotypes increases power for genetic stock identification
Authors: McKinney, GJ; Seeb, JE; Seeb, LW
Source: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Volume 74, Issue 4, Pages 429-434. Published April 2017

9. Title: Genetic population structure in Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) and its relevance to fishery management
Authors: Westgaard, JI; Saha, A; Kent, M; Hansen, H; Knutsen, H; Hauser, L; Cadrin, SX; Albert, OT; Johansen, T
Source: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Volume 74, Issue 4, Pages: 475-485. Published April 2017

10. Title: Probability of surface fire spread in Brazilian rainforest fuels from outdoor experimental measurements
Authors: Krieger, GC; Bufacchi, P; Santos, JC; Veras, CAG; Alvarado, EC; Mell, W; Carvalho, JA
Source: European Journal of Forest Research, Volume 136, Issue 2, Pages 271-232. Published April 2017

11. Title: Estimating occurrence and detectability of a carnivore community in eastern Botswana using baited camera traps
Authors: Authors: Satterfield, LC; Thompson, JJ; Snyman, A; Candelario, L; Rode, B; Carroll, JP
Source: African Journal of Wildlife Research, Volume 47, Issue 1. Pages 32-46. Published April 2017

12. Title: Public Willingness to Pay and Policy Preferences for Tidal Energy Research and Development: A Study of Households in Washington State
Authors: Polis, HJ; Dreyer, SJ; Jenkins, LD
Source: Ecological Economics, Volume 136, Pages 213-225. Published June 2017

13. Title: Anoxic atmospheres on Mars driven by volcanism: Implications for past environments and life
Authors: Sholes, SE; Smith, ML; Claire, MW; Zahnle, KJ; Catling, DC
Source: ICARUS, Volume 290, Pages 46-62. Published July 2017