Every other week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past two weeks, nine new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about moth invasions, human well-being, and more. Read on!

1. Title: Effects of local land-use planning on development and disturbance in riparian areas
Authors: Dempsey, JA; Plantinga, AJ; Kline, JD; Lawler, JJ; Martinuzzi, S; Radeloff, VC; Bigelow, DP
Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 60, Pages 16-25. Published January 2017

2. Title: Identifying Dynamically Induced Variability in Glacier Mass-Balance Records
Authors: Christian, JE; Siler, N; Koutnik, M; Roe, G
Source: Journal of Climate, Volume 29, Issue 24, Pages 8915-8929. Published December 2016

3. Title: Constraining ribbon rock dolomitization by Mg isotopes: Implications for the ‘dolomite problem’
Authors: Li, FB; Teng, FZ; Chen, JT; Huang, KJ; Wang, SJ; Lang, XG; Ma, HR; Peng, YB; Shen, B
Source: Chemical Geology, Volume 445, Pages 208-220. Published December 2016

4. Title: Magnesium isotope fractionation during dolostone weathering
Authors: Gao, T; Ke, S; Teng, FZ; Chen, SM; He, YS; Li, SG
Source: Chemical Geology, Volume 445, Pages 14-23. Published December 2016

5. Title: Global atmospheric particle formation from CERN CLOUD measurements
Authors: Dunne, EM; Gordon, H; Kurten, A; Almeida, J; Duplissy, J; Williamson, C; Ortega, IK; Pringle, KJ; Adamov, A; Baltensperger, U; Barmet, P; Benduhn, F; Bianchi, F; Breitenlechner, M; Clarke, A; Curtius, J; Dommen, J; Donahue, NM; Ehrhart, S; Flagan, RC; Franchin, A; Guida, R; Hakala, J; Hansel, A; Heinritzi, M; Jokinen, T; Kangasluoma, J; Kirkby, J; Kulmala, M; Kupc, A; Lawler, MJ; Lehtipalo, K; Makhmutov, V; Mann, G; Mathot, S; Merikanto, J; Miettinen, P; Nenes, A; Onnela, A; Rap, A; Reddington, CLS; Riccobono, F; Richards, NAD; Rissanen, MP; Rondo, L; Sarnela, N; Schobesberger, S; Sengupta, K; Simon, M; Sipilaa, M; Smith, JN; Stozkhov, Y; Tome, A; Trostl, J; Wagner, PE; Wimmer, D; Winkler, PM; Worsnop, DR; Carslaw, KS
Source: Science, Volume 354, Issue 6316, Pages 1119-1124. Published December 2016

6. Title: Conceptualizing and operationalizing human wellbeing for ecosystem assessment and management
Authors: Breslow, SJ; Sojka, B; Barnea, R; Basurto, X; Carothers, C; Charnley, S; Coulthard, S; Dolsak, N; Donatuto, J; Garcia-Quijano, C; Hicks, CC; Levine, A; Mascia, MB; Norman, K; Poe, M; Satterfield, T; St Martin, K; Levin, PS
Source: Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 66, Pages 250-259. Published December 2016

7. Title: Consistent Estimates of Tsunami Energy Show Promise for Improved Early Warning
Authors: Titov, V; Song, YT; Tang, L; Bernard, EN; Bar-Sever, Y; Wei, Y
Source: Pure and Applied Geophysics, Volume 173, Issue 12, Pages 3863-3880. Published December 2016

9. Title: All quiet on the western front? Using phenological inference to detect the presence of a latent gypsy moth invasion in Northern Minnesota
Authors: Tobin, PC; Cremers, KT; Hunt, L; Parry, D
Source: Biological Invasions, Volume 18, Issue 12, Pages 3561-3573. Published December 2016