Every other week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past two weeks, five new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about head regeneration, an endangered songbird and more. Read on!

1. Title: Head regeneration in hemichordates is not a strict recapitulation of development
Authors: Luttrell, S; Gotting, K; Ross, E; Alvarado, A; Swalla, B
Source: Developmental Dynamics, Volume 245, Issue 12: Pages 1159-1175. Published December 2016

2. Title: A simple length-structured model based on life history ratios and incorporating size-dependent selectivity: application to spawning potential ratios for data-poor stocks
Authors: Hordyk, A; Ono, K; Prince, J; Walters, C
Source: Canadian Journal of Fisheris and Aquatic Sciences, Volume 73, Issue 12: Pages 1787-1799. Published December 2016

3. Title: Identifying precursors and aqueous organic aerosol formation pathways during the SOAS campaign
Authors: Sareen, N; Carlton, A; Surratt, J; Gold, A; Lee, B; Lopez-Hilfiker, F; Mohr, C; Thornton, J; Zhang, Z; Lim, Y; Turpin, B
Source: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 16, Issue 22, Pages: 14409-14420. Published November

4. Title: Synergistic Ecoclimate Teleconnections from Forest Loss in Different Regions Structure Global Ecological Responses
Authors: Garcia, E; Swann, A; Villegas, J; Breshears, D; Law, D; Saleska, S; Stark, S
Source: PLOS ONE, Volume 11, Issue 11. Published November 2016

5. Title: Source-sink population dynamics driven by a brood parasite: A case study of an endangered songbird, the black-capped vireo
Authors: Walker, L; Marzluff, J; Cimprich, D
Source: Biological Conservation, Volume 203, Pages 108-118. Published November 2016