Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past week, seven new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about kelp detritus, nutrient recycling, and more. Read on!

1. Title: Effects of winter temperatures, spring degree-day accumulation, and insect population source on phenological synchrony between forest tent caterpillar and host trees
Authors: J. Uelmen, R. Lindroth, P. Tobin, P. Reich, E. Schwartzberg, K. Raffa
Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 362, Pages 241-250. Published February 2016

2. Title: Quantifying Climate Forcings and Feedbacks over the Last Millennium in the CMIP5-PMIP3 Models
Authors: A. Atwood, E. Wu, D. Frierson, D. Battisti, J. Sachs
Source: Journal of Climate, Volume 29/Issue 3, Pages 1161-1178. Published February 2016

3. Title: A Submersible, Off-Axis Holographic Microscope for Detection of Microbial Motility and Morphology in Aqueous and Icy Environments (OPEN ACCESS)
Authors: C. Lindensmith, S. Rider, M. Bedrossian, J. Wallace, E. Serabyn, G. Showalter, J. Deming, J. Nadeau
Source: PLOS One, Volume 11/Issue 1. Published January 2016

4. Title: Disentangling the influences of mean body size and size structure on ecosystem functioning: an example of nutrient recycling by a non-native crayfish (OPEN ACCESS)
Authors: K. Fritschie, J. Olden
Source: Ecology and Evolution, Volume 6/ Issue 1, Pages 159-169. Published January 2016

5. Title: Islands in the stream: kelp detritus as faunal magnets
Authors: D. Duggins, M. Gomez-Buckley, R. Buckley, A. Lowe, A. Galloway, M. Dethier
Source: Marine Biology, Volume 163/ Issue 1. Published January 2016

6. Title: Assessing vertebrate biodiversity in a kelp forest ecosystem using environmental DNA
Authors: J. Port, J. O’Donnell, O. Romero-Maraccini, P. Leary, S. Litvin, K. Nickols, K. Yamahara, R. Kelly
Source: Molecular Ecology, Volume 25/Issue 2, Pages 527-541. Published January 2016

7. Title: Isotopic evidence for biogenic molecular hydrogen production in the Atlantic Ocean
Authors: S. Walter, A. Kock, T. Steinhoff, B. Fiedler, P. Fietzek, J. Kaiser, M. Krol, M. Popa, Q. Chen, T. Tanhua, T. Rockmann
Source: Biogeosciences, Volume 13/Issue 1, Pages 323-340. Published January, 2016