Four outstanding new faculty members with a wide range of experiences and expertise have recently started at UW’s College of the Environment. The College community—its undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff—will benefit immensely from their contributions during the 2015-2016 academic year and beyond. The College’s stellar group of scientists and researchers now includes:

  • Kyle Armour, assistant professor, School of Oceanography

    Research focus: climate dynamics, recent and future sea ice changes, polar oceanography, global climate change

  • Knut Christianson, assistant professor, Department of Earth and Space Sciences

    Research focus: past and future climate change and sea-level projections through integration of field and remote-sensing data of ice-sheets into ice-sheet models

  • Anthony Dichiara, assistant professor, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

    Research focus: bioproducts

  • Laura Prugh, assistant professor, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

    Research focus: dynamics of wildlife populations and communities, with particular interest in facilitation, trophic interactions, and indirect effects