Chris Bretherton
Department of Atmospheric Sciences’ Chris Bretherton
Department of Earth & Space Sciences' Ian Joughin
Department of Earth & Space Sciences’ Ian Joughin

Two University of Washington scientists from the College of the Environment have been elected as follows of the American Geophysical Union. The Earth sciences group recognizes one in 1,000 members each year for their scientific work and sustained impact. The College’s honorees—Department of Atmospheric Sciences’ Christopher Bretherton and Department of Earth & Space Sciences’ Ian Joughin—are among 60 new fellows. Bretherton studies how clouds form and change over time and how to better represent this in climate and weather-forecasting models. Joughin is a polar scientist who measures the speed and changing shape of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. Both will be honored at the AGU’s annual meeting in December.

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