Seeking private funding for your project or program? Below are recent corporate and foundation opportunities. If your project fits the criteria or you have other thoughts on how to engage corporate and foundation funders please contact Chris Thompson, Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 206-221-6372 or or Lauren Honaker, Associate Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations at 206-685-4423 or

Human Frontier Science Program Invites Applications for Innovative Life Science Research
Award amount:
Deadline: Applicants must register and obtain a 2016 reference number from the HFSP website by March 19, 2015.
Description: The Human Frontier Science Program, which supports international collaborations in basic life science research, is inviting applications for grants to support innovative approaches to understanding the complex mechanisms of living organisms. HFSP offers two areas of funding — Program grants and Young Investigator grants. Program grants are designed for teams of independent scientists at all stages of their careers, while Young Investigator grants are for teams of scientists who are within five years of establishing an independent laboratory and within ten years of obtaining their Ph.Ds. Both provide three years of support for two- to four-member teams, with not more than one member from any one country (unless necessary for the innovative nature of the project). Applicants are expected to develop novel lines of research distinct from their ongoing research.

For more information, visit the Human Frontier Science Program website.

Coastal Code Invites Applications for Coastal Preservation Projects in Western United States
Award amount:
Deadline: Applicants must register and obtain a 2016 reference number from the HFSP website by March 1, 2015. Description: Alaskan Brewing’s 1% commitment supports the Coastal CODE Fund, which was developed in partnership with The Ocean Foundation, a nonprofit community foundation for the oceans. Focused on the western waterways and coastline of the United States, the Coastal CODE Fund grants money to projects and activities that promote:
– Beach, Lake or Waterway cleanup activities
– Water Habitat Restoration
– Ocean and coastal preservation

For more information, visit the Coastal Code website.

Gilder School Invites Applications From New Researchers for Marine Research Projects
Award amount:
Deadline: March 15, 2015.
Description: The Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research provide financial assistance to highly qualified persons starting careers in marine zoology. Support is limited to projects dealing with systematics, evolution, ecology and field-oriented behavioral studies of marine animals. Awards are not made to support research in botany and biochemistry.

For more information, visit the Gilder School website.

National Geographic: Expeditions Council Grant Application
Award amount:
$15,000 – $35,000
Deadline: Please submit your pre-application at least six (6) months before anticipated project dates.
Description: The Expeditions Council is an editorially driven grant program that supports exploration and adventure worldwide. Proposed projects must have the potential to yield compelling stories and images. Applications are also judged on the qualifications of applicants and their teams, and on the project’s merit, uniqueness and safety protocols. The Council consists of representatives of National Geographic editorial divisions (magazines, television, books, website, and so on) who review and vote on grant applications, as well as an advisory board of external consultants. While the Expeditions Council funds a broad range of exploration and adventure, if a project is based on scientific inquiry, applicants must provide detailed methodology. In addition, all projects must adhere to applicable scientific or professional ethical standards, which are outlined in the grant application and are subject to scientific review.

For more information, please visit the National Geographic website.