Dances with data: Tools for turning information into visual stories.
Room 133, William Gates Hall, University of Washington, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

With the accelerating accessibility of data, from satellite imagery, genomics and all ‘omics, digitized historical records, and more, answering research questions is now as much about working — and playing — with existing data as about gathering new data. What are the most effective ways to explore your data and extract meaning from it? How can others — scientists, managers, the public – explore or even contribute to the data behind your graphics? At this month’s #sosea we will highlight some of the slickest tools and methods for creating insights from data, and discuss what is — and isn’t — changing about data visualization in an age of informatics and open science. Join us!
ScienceOnline Seattle is a local meeting of the ScienceOnlineNOW community. The local co-organizers are Liz Neeley of COMPASS, Jennifer Davison of the University of Washington College of the Environment and Brian Glanz of the Open Science Federation and Northwest Association for Biomedical Research.



Eugene Kolker, Chief Data Officer at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Co-Founder and President of Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance International. The Kolker Lab’s work is on data-enabled science, predictive analytics, biomedical, bio- and health informatics, high-throughput analyses, and proteomics. Their work in predictive analytics includes exploring factors that influence the health and care of patients, strategic development and resource management of Seattle Children’s Hospital, the national levels of support for the sciences, as well as economic modeling of Seattle. DELSA Global is a community-based, but international initiative to connect experts, share data, and democratize science.

Dustin Smith, Senior Product Consultant at Tableau. Justin’s whole job is to play with data! He works closely with Tableau Public & Digital products.

Hunter Hadaway, Creative Director at Center for Environmental Visualization. The custodian of creative cleanup, Hunter manages the design, development and deployment of all aspects of CEV’s graphical output. His specialties are graphic design, 3-D modeling, animation, interface design, web development, and video design/editing.

Rob Fatland, Microsoft Research Connections research program manager. Rob has been called the “evangelist of Layerscape“, a product that allows earth scientists to analyze and visualize giant loads of data.

If you can’t attend, we’ll be streaming the event live at and you can follow it on Twitter using the hashtag #soSEA.


After the event, we will adjourn to Big Time Brewery & Alehouse on the Ave.