At the end of 2011, Science Magazine invited essays to answer the question, “how will the practice of science change in your lifetime?” The purpose was, apparently, two-fold: to kick off a new section in Science Magazine, called NextGen VOICES, and to explore “how can we promote the wide-ranging conversations that will be necessary to meet [the] critical challenges [of a crowded and resource-limited world]?”  Here are the top 50 responses, addressing topics like collaboration, data management and informatics, and solutions-oriented research.  Included in this list are two essays by SMEA Assistant Professor Lekelia (Kiki) Jenkins (one authored solely by her, and one co-authored with Sarah Maxwell/UC Santa Cruz).

Science Magazine has posed another question, with essays of 250 words or less due by 17 February: “What is your definition of a successful scientist? How has this definition changed between your mentor’s generation and your own?”  Do you have a perspective you’d like to share? Submit it here!  And/or check out what’s already been shared here.