Portrait of Terrie Klinger

Marine and Environmental Affairs

Terrie Klinger

Professor and Co-Director, Washington Ocean Acidification Center

Terrie Klinger is a professor and co-director of the Washington Ocean Acidification Center. She is a marine ecologist who focuses on applying ecological theory to practical management solutions.  She works on ecosystem-based approaches to manage natural resources in the ocean, understanding the ecological effects of environmental stressors, such as ocean acidification and habitat loss, and how rocky intertidal communities respond to and recover from disturbance. The Pacific Northwest is her primary study area, including the Puget Sound, the San Juan Archipelago, and the outer coast of Washington, and she maintains a time-series of ecological data at a site in the Gulf of Alaska.  She has been recognized for her unique combination of marine science and community outreach with the UW’s Outstanding Service Award, and was named Naturalist of the Year by the Western Society of Naturalists. She also holds the Stan and Alta Barer Endowed Professorship in Sustainability Science in honor of Dr. Edward Miles.