Portrait of Steven Walters

Earth and Space Sciences

Steven Walters

Associate Teaching Professor

Steven Walters is a senior lecturer in geospatial analysis in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. He’s a core faculty member and advisor in the department’s Masters in Earth and Space Sciences: Applied Geosciences (MESSAGe) program. With a background in landscape ecology, he specializes in spatial analysis and modeling across a diverse range of systems and environmental phenomena. His primary areas of expertise include understanding patterns and drivers of geo- and biophysical change on landscapes, exploring effects of land cover change (particularly through urbanization and deforestation) on hydrology, water quality and nutrient cycling, and developing tools and strategies for monitoring biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. He maintains a general interest in theory of complex systems, and associated spatial computation and numerical models for studying such systems. Steven has extensive expertise in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and general geospatial analysis, and has taught principles and techniques of spatial informatics across numerous disciplines in the environmental and social sciences.