Portrait of Marjorie Wonham

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Marjorie Wonham

Associate Teaching Professor

Marjorie Wonham is a marine biologist and educator based at UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories. Her research focuses on three areas. (1) Pedagogy. Why and how can higher education, particularly field courses, foster student and faculty self-authorship? (2) Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. How can eco-poetics help us understand and respond to Anthropocene? (3) Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology. How do introduced species affect animal behaviour and ecology, and intersect with climate change in socio-ecological systems?

Her teaching focuses on developing student self-authorship through guided inquiry. She designs courses with a combination of field and lab work, group and individual work, and informational and transformational learning activities. Students use the content and concepts of marine biology to deepen their understanding of marine systems and to hone their curiosity, critical-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.