Ivan Eastin studies the ways that forest products are traded throughout the world, looking at both marketing strategies and the dynamics of international trade. Domestically, his research has been focused on promoting the adoption of green building materials in the residential construction industry. He also works with Native American tribes to assist in identifying new markets for tribal wood products. Internationally, he works to understand how trade policies affect the international trade of wood products, including illegally harvested forest products. And in the tropics, he studies strategies to more effectively market non-timber forest products and lesser-known timber species as a component of sustainable forest management. He has previously served as the Director of the Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR) and the Faculty Leader for the Peace Corps Master’s International graduate programs within the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He is a veteran of the US Army, has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, and was a Fulbright Scholar with the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana in Kumasi.