The College supports a range of student organizations that organize and host meetings attended by College of the Environment students where central goals of the meeting include linking science (natural and/or social) to policy or real world application, and advancing diversity and inclusion within the College, the University, and relevant STEM fields.

Examples of meetings the College fund include:

  • Support for new student organizations within the College with a diversity, inclusion or equity focus
  • Student-organized trainings, workshops, lectures with a diversity, inclusion or equity focus
  • Events for students to present environmental justice-related research
  • Student-led discussions of race, equity and inclusion

Funding may not be used for:

  • Alcohol
  • Accommodation or food expenses above per diem
  • Stipend or salary payments

For questions about what expenses funds may cover, please contact the College’s Administrator, Caroline Feng


Maximum of $1500; one per request by an individual, group, or student organization annually. If an individual is requesting funds, they must include a description of how a broad audience will be engaged.

To apply

Submit proposals to

Proposals must include a description of meeting/event, including:

  • An explanation of how meeting relates to College of the Environment students and advances diversity, inclusion & equity in the College, UW and/or STEM fields.
  • Who will participate and what is the expected attendance, including College of the Environment students?
  • What are the expected outcomes?

A detailed budget, including the meeting’s total budget, the amount requested (with breakdown by expenditure) from the College and the amount requested/received from other sources

Submission deadlines

Submissions are continuously reviewed.

Meeting synopsis

If you receive funding, you are required to submit a brief report documenting total expenditures and total attendance, including # of students from the College attending within 1 month of the meeting.


Proposals will be reviewed by the College of the Environment Diversity Committee, comprised of staff, students and faculty who are advisory to Dean Graumlich. The Committee will submit recommendations, together with a brief explanation, to the Dean, who will make the final funding decisions.