Funding Opportunities for Incoming Graduate Students

The College of the Environment Top-off Award and GO-MAP Graduate Opportunity Program Research Assistantship are opportunities for units to nominate truly superior prospective students for funding, to amplify efforts to recruit highly desired students.

Fund Use and Matching Requirements

Award College provides Unit provides
GOP Award* 3 quarters stipend, benefits and tuition (students must pay own fees) 3 quarters stipend, benefits, and tuition and fees (or tuition waiver, if the match is from 06 funds)
College of the Environment Top-Off Award up to 7 total awards of $5,000 each across the College. financial support for 1 year minimum (scholarship, fellowship, RA or  TA funding)

*Only available if the College of the Environment receives funding from GO-MAP.

Deadline for nominations:

Friday, February 1, 2019

GOP Award

Description and Requirements:

  • Competitively awarded to the College through GO-MAP (Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program)
  • Provides three quarters of support (stipend, benefits, tuition) to help secure outstanding graduate applicants that exemplify diversity and inclusion.
  • GOP-RA Award funds must be used during the student’s first year in their degree program.
  • GOP-RA Award funds must be matched with a minimum of 3 quarters of support (stipend, benefits, and tuition or waiver)

Target Audience:

Units can submit up to 2 prospective graduate students who are one or more of the following:

  • Exemplars of diversity and inclusivity in your unit, given the current constitution of the graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty.  Note that students who have achieved academic merit despite significant obstacles in their pursuit of higher education may qualify;
  • Underrepresented minority (URM) students (NSF defines URM as African American, Latino/a, Native American, Native Alaskan and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander);
  • First generation to attend undergraduate or graduate school; or
  • Students whose academic participation, scholarship and/or research explore and support cultural diversity.

Nomination Process:

This process is holistic and focused on the applicant’s contributions within the realm of diversity and inclusion.  Submitting a nominee signals to the review committee that the nominee is academically qualified.

Please submit the following in a single PDF via email to

  • Applicant’s personal statement. Please do NOT submit any other portion of the application.
  • Brief statement from the unit (i.e. from the GPC, Director/Chair, or faculty chair of graduate selection committee) about why this student would be an important addition exemplifying diversity and inclusion in your unit. Please also include specifics as to how your unit will support this student to achieve their academic and career goals.
  • Brief statement from the student’s intended faculty advisor listing ways the student will be supported to achieve their scholarly goals within the laboratory, at the University and in their scholarly field.

College of the Environment Top-Off Award

Target Audience:

Units can submit up to 3 prospective graduate students who are one or more of the following:

  • Extremely highly ranked within the unit’s applicant pool;
  • Likely to receive multiple competing offers;
  • Leaning towards attending the UW such that a top-off award could seal the deal.

Nomination Process:

Submitting a nominee signals to the review committee that the prospective student is academically superior, therefore numeric assessments (GPA, GRE scores) will not be reviewed.

Please submit the following in a single PDF via email to

  • Ranking within the unit’s applicant pool or other indication of how this nominee compares to other top candidates under consideration.
  • Brief statement from the potential faculty advisor indicating the likely success of the nominee in that lab and field of study.
  • Brief statement from the unit guaranteeing that the prospective student will be financially supported by the unit for a minimum of one year.  Note that support may include scholarship or fellowship funds, RA funding from grants or contracts, or TA funding.
  • Applicant’s personal statement and research/scholarly statement.

Graduate Research Opportunity Enhancement Program (GROE) Award

The GROE Awards are specifically meant to incentivize faculty to write grants for their scholarly work that include graduate student support. They provide up to two years of bridge funding for a graduate student to begin research prior to receipt of grant or contract funding. While GROE Awards are continuously available, they are tied to the annual cycle of graduate recruitment because the intent is for faculty receiving GROE awards to accept new Ph.D. students (or Master’s students when that is the terminal degree in the unit). GROE Awards, including unit match, could be used as match for a GOP or College of the Environment Award.

There is no deadline for GROE nominations. Prioritized lists may be submitted at any time to the Associate Dean of Research, up to a maximum of 4 students per annual cycle. For the full rationale and details, including nomination requirements and procedure, see the GROE Program Policy.