The UW application for freshman undergraduate admissions opens on September 1st. Applications are due by November 15.

Photo: students and marine lifeLearn more and apply via UW Admissions.

All majors in the College of the Environment, with the exception of Bioresource Science and Engineering, are open majors, which means that if you select one of our majors on your application, you will automatically be declared in the major. This decision is not binding and, if you change your mind, you can switch to another major. If you are already a student at UW and would like to declare a major in the College of the Environment, please contact a departmental adviser to set up an appointment to complete the major declaration paperwork.

Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) is a constrained capacity major and requires a separate application process. Contact the BSE advisers at for more information.

Need help deciding on a major? Contact Christen Foehring at to schedule a pre-major advising appointment.


The College of the Environment offers a limited number of need-based merit scholarships. Most of our departments also offer scholarships and funding opportunities for their majors. Be sure to ask your departmental adviser for more information.