The College of the Environment Career Opportunities page primarily focuses on serving current undergraduate, graduate students and recent alumni. The majority of posted jobs require five years of experience or less. For academic positions, we post primarily entry-level positions but nothing directly tied with tenure.

UW Career & Internship Center

The UW’s Career & Internship Center is a valuable resource to utilize when looking for a new position. The C&IC features multiple Interest Communities, including the Sustainability / Conservation / Energy community and the Physical & Life Sciences community. These pages offer a collection of career resources such as job guides and featured alumni profiles, and they can aid in connecting students with various environmental industries.

How to evaluate an internship

If you have questions or concerns involving the validity of an internship, please refer to the¬†University of Washington Career Center’s Tips for Evaluating Internships (PDF).

Scam and fraudulent job postings

We review each job posting before it is published on the Career Opportunities page. However, scam employment postings are an unfortunate reality nationally as well as here at the UW. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a job posting, please do refer to the Scam and Fraudulent Job Postings Guide, provided by the University of Washington Career Center.

Other environmental career resources

Interested job seekers are encouraged to explore these related sites for additional opportunities.