Along with proper research methods and the details of the systems they study, scientists can learn how to effectively communicate their work to different communities. There are many classes on campus that focus on communicating science.


Graduate students in the sciences at the University of Washington receive training in cutting-edge research, but rarely in how to explain their research to non-specialists. Engage is an organization of graduate students in scientific disciplines that is addressing this need.  Learn more about this program.

Communicating climate science

Graduate students completing the graduate certificate in climate science have the unique opportunity to engage in communicating climate science for their capstone project. Learn more about the graduate certificate.

Other courses

Course Title
ANTH 580 Presenting Research Effectively
BIO 506 Scientific Manuscript Writing
C ENV 500 Communicating Science to the Public: the seminar of the ENGAGE speaker series
COM 540 The Rhetoric of Science
COM 597 D Communicating Science: Dealing with the Public, Politicians and the Press
ENVIR 200 Environmental Studies: Communication and Information
ENVIR/COM 418 Communications and the Environment
ENVIR 495 A Environmental Writing
ENVIR 495 F Environmental Communication, Messaging and Outreach
ENVIR 500 Making Your Science Relevant
ENVIR 500A Science Communication and the Media
ENVIR 500A Environmental Science Writing for Impact
ESS 418 Geoscience Communication
ESS 492 Undergraduate Teaching Experience and Outreach
ESS 518 Scientific Writing
ESS 519 Scientific Writing and Graphics
FISH 290 Scientific Writing and Communication
FISH 507 Beautiful Graphics in R
FISH 552 Introduction to R Programming for Natural Scientists
FISH 553 Advanced R Programming for Natural Scientists
HCDE 509 Writing the Scientific Article
OCEAN 506 Writing about Science and Technology for General Audiences
OCEAN 506 Science & Technology News & Feature Writing
OCEAN 506 Science & Technology Creative Nonfiction Writing
OCEAN 592 Communicating Ocean Sciences
OCEAN 593/ESS 593/ATM S 593 Climate Science Seminar
OCEAN 596/ESS 596/ATM S 596 Climate Science Capstone Project
PB AF 595 Ethics and Practice of Climate Change Communication and Community Engagement
SEFS 561 Public Presentation in Urban Horticulture
SEFS 521 Climate Change Communication


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