The College of the Environment is committed to taking its science beyond academia to broaden the reach, impact, and inclusion of the public in our research efforts. Many scientific funding agencies share this commitment and now require scientific researchers to include efforts to broaden the impact of their science through public engagement. In particular, the National Science Foundation requires all proposals for research to explicitly address the potential of the proposed research to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes through broader impacts.

The College offers centralized support for the development and execution of Broader Impacts work through the Broader Impacts Leadership Development (BILD) Program. We help researchers partner with existing broader impacts and outreach programs with the goal of supporting outreach and broadening the impact of the College’s research on society.

Why work with BILD to develop your proposal?

  • Save time by partnering with BILD to connect your ideas, interests and expertise with existing programs, realistic goals, evaluation and sustainability plans.
  • Consult with BILD staff to develop an individualized proposal that speaks to your expertise, interest and “eyes wide open” knowledge of the time and funding commitments needed for success.
  • Receive support to develop an excellent broader impacts plan that leverages in-house expertise and programming – no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Gain access to a growing list of programs and projects geared towards broadening participation. Project “menus” include brief text describing program goals, outcomes and impact; as well as a “funding menu” outlining costs to support particular activities. Choose what works for your interests, proposal and budget.

What can you expect?

  • BILD will assist with proposal development (maximum of 12 hours).
  • BILD will develop a draft agreement and timeline to support the relationship among BILD, the PI and the broader impacts partner (i.e. existing broader impacts/outreach program).
  • BILD will support the PI-broader impacts relationship through team meetings and evaluation.
  • PI provides submitted proposal, proposal reviews, and completes evaluation of BILD process.
  • BILD will help develop a budget to fund the broader impacts work, BILD partnership and evaluation.

Below is an example of three potential models of how BILD can support a PI with the development of a NSF CAREER proposal development.

Cost to budget* Timeframe Engagement
Low to none 1-3 hrs; 1 month until submission BILD provides feedback on proposal draft
Medium 8-12 hrs; 2-3 months before submission BILD facilitates proposal development with a BILD broader impacts partner.
High(er) 8-14 hrs; 2-3 months before submission BILD facilitates proposal development with a BILD broader impacts plus evaluation development

* Cost ranges depending on PI selection of partner and activity. Costs for BILD and Broader Impacts partner are written into the proposal.

How do you get started?

Contact Claire Horner-Devine at BILD ( to identify broader impact goals, experience, and ideas, and assess fit with BILD.
Look over this great resource from the National Alliance for Broader Impacts