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Heat-related mortality risk is widespread across Washington state, study shows

A view of the large metal W on the Seattle Campus with the sun peeking out behind.

Heat-related deaths are an issue across Washington state, and they occur even in regions that typically have milder climates, according to a University of Washington study published Aug. 30 in the journal Atmosphere. This is the most extensive study yet of heat-related mortality in Washington state, and the first to look beyond the major population centers to include rural areas. Statewide, the odds of dying were on average 8% higher in recent decades on days when the combination of temperature and humidity, known as the humidex, was in the top 1% of recorded values at that location, compared to a day with a mid-range value for humidex. 

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Spring blooms to watch for in the Seattle area

Cherry blossoms

Though Seattle’s weather can be fickle in the spring, with fleeting hints of warmth between long spells of cold and rain, the Puget Sound region is home to stunning buds and blossoms that remind locals summer is just around the corner. “Spring is my favorite time of the year for observing plants, because I love the anticipation and getting to watch things change week to week,” said Ray Larson, curator of Living Collections at the UW Botanic Gardens. 

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Artificial intelligence can create better lightning forecasts


Lightning is one of the most destructive forces of nature, as in 2020 when it sparked the massive California Lightning Complex fires, but it remains hard to predict. A new study led by the University of Washington shows that machine learning — computer algorithms that improve themselves without direct programming by humans — can be used to improve lightning forecasts. Better lightning forecasts could help to prepare for potential wildfires, improve safety warnings for lightning and create more accurate long-range climate models. 

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Why scientists are predicting another cold, wet winter in the Pacific Northwest

La Niña in the Pacific Northwest

After a brutally hot, dry summer, chilly winds and soaking rain have finally returned to mark the start of autumn in the Pacific Northwest. According to Washington State Climatologist Nick Bond and Assistant State Climatologist Karin Bumbaco, both researchers in the Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean and Ecosystem Studies, chances are we’re due for a lot more cold, wet weather this winter. 

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UW DawgCast trains future broadcasters

In pre-COVID times, a group of students would huddle around a computer practicing their skills to create professional-grade weather graphics like the ones seen on local news channels or practice giving weather reports while standing in front of a green screen in a mini-TV-studio classroom. They are part of The UW DawgCast, a year-long club offered in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences jointly with a broadcast meteorology course that welcomes weather-loving students of all majors to teach them how to read, synthesize, and communicate weather. 

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