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The road to world competition for underwater robots

A group of 7 students in a swimming facility

A clear tube crammed full of electronics, protected by a purple cage studded with thrusters, traveled from Seattle to Tennessee to compete with underwater robots from all over the world in the MATE ROV World Championship Competition. This particular robot, named Nautilus, is the result of three years of work from the Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (UWROV) team at the University of Washington. 

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Back in person: how UW Environment instructors are preparing for autumn quarter

Students participate in a socially-distanced in-person lab.

After more than a year of remote learning, the imminent return of students and faculty has brought excitement and uncertainty to the University of Washington campus. We spoke with four UW instructors who are getting ready for an entirely in-person autumn quarter, once again preparing classrooms, lab spaces and offices for the a new school year.  Integrative Oceanography (OCEAN 210) is a core course for Oceanography and Marine Biology majors with about 100 students. 

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