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College contributes to Campus Sustainability Fund project in honor of 2018 graduates

It is graduation season, and with that comes well wishes for our graduates and an opportunity to shine a light on their accomplishments. In appreciation of their contributions to enriching the College of the Environment in numerous ways, the College has decided to fund a project jointly with the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF). Recognizing our students are the next generation of leaders in environmental science and decision-making, we believe this is a contribution that showcases our collective commitment to the sustainability and the well-being of our Husky Community and our planet. 

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Two UW Environment undergrads receive Udall scholarships

Udall scholars Ashley Lewis (left) and Alishia Orloff (right).

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences‘ Ashley Lewis and Environmental and Forest Sciences‘ Alishia Orloff, both juniors at UW, will join 50 students from around the country as Udall Scholars. A competitive award, the review committee selected this year’s scholars from 437 nominees based on the students’ commitment to careers in the environment, Native health care or tribal policy, as well as their leadership potential, public service and academic achievements. 

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UW Environment student Frieda Luoma-Cohan awarded 2018 Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Frieda Luoma-Cohan, 2018 Bonderman Travel Fellowship awardee.

Fifteen University of Washington students were recently awarded prestigious Bonderman Travel Fellowships, including one from the College of the Environment. The award will enable Program on the Environment‘s Frieda Luoma-Cohan to embark on a solo journey at least eight months long and take her to at least two regions and six countries around the world. The fellowship, established in 1995 and worth $20,000 each, aims to expose students to the intrinsic, often life-changing benefits of international travel. 

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UW Environment alumna Eliza Dawson to row across the Pacific Ocean for climate change awareness

Female rower wearing a hat and wetsuit rows on Lake Washington with Fremont Bridge behind her.

Eliza Dawson, a former UW crew member who majored in atmospheric sciences at UW’s College of the Environment, is part of a four-woman team that will row across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii this June. She and her team hope to break the world record for women rowers — 50 days, 8 hours, 14 minutes — set in 2014. Dawson is also taking part in the 2,400-mile rowing race from Monterey, California, to Honolulu to spotlight the far-reaching impacts of humankind on the Earth by rowing across parts of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a vast gyre of plastic garbage occupying an area four times the size of California. 

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