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Wolves and the ecology of fear

Does “the big bad wolf” play an important role in the modern-day food web? In this video we journey to Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, where the return of wolves could have a profound impact on a vast wilderness area. We meet up with biologist Aaron Wirsing to explore why wolves and other top predators are needed for diverse ecosystems to flourish. 

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Remembering Robert Burgner, professor of Aquaric and Fishery Sciences

Longtime Aquatic and Fishery Sciences professor Robert L. “Bud” Burgner, a pioneer in Alaska fisheries research, passed away in January. A leader in the aquatic sciences, Burgner helped establish and served as Director of the Fisheries Research Institute from which the Alaska Salmon Program was born. Burgner also shepherded the development of the High Seas Salmon program with his extensive international connections with Japanese and Canadian scientists.  

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Big is not bad: Scientists call for preservation of large carnivores

African Leopard

The world is losing its large carnivores, their ranges are collapsing and many species are at risk of extinction. “Promoting tolerance and coexistence with large carnivores is a crucial societal challenge that will ultimately determine the fate of Earth’s largest carnivores and all that depends upon them, including humans,” write the co-authors of a review article, in the Jan. 10 issue of Science, about the largest carnivore species on Earth. 

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