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Dean Graumlich on ethics, integrity and community in the College of the Environment

Dean Lisa J. Graumlich, Mary Laird Wood Professor and inaugural dean of the UW College of the Environment.

Dear College of the Environment Community, Recently, I heard science described as the team-iest of team sports. As a scientist and a dean, that resonated with me: When we tackle big, important questions, we do so as a community ranging in size from research groups of several people to large, International networks of scholars from allied disciplines. Science is a social enterprise, and integrity is the foundation of great science. 

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Dean's Letter: Education that’s experiential—at the College of the Environment’s core

Dean Lisa Graumlich

Experiential education is more than a trendy buzz word for us in the College of the Environment. When students learn through direct experience they gain not only knowledge and skills, but also a deeper understanding of how to apply those skills in a real world context. The fact that we strive to provide students with a broad range of experiential opportunities—on campus, in the field, and in various professional settings—is part of what makes us special. It’s part of the College’s signature.

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