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Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ José Guzmán receives 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences' José Guzmán

Congratulations to UW Environment’s José M. Guzmán. The instructor at UW’s School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences was recently selected to receive the 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award. He will be honored at the UW’s Awards of Excellence ceremony in June. Distinguished Teaching Award recipients are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including mastery of the subject matter, enthusiasm and innovation in teaching and learning process, ability to engage students both within and outside the classroom, ability to inspire independent and original thinking in students and to stimulate students to do creative work, and innovations in course and curriculum design. 

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UW receives King County Catalyst Award for contributions to climate research

Dean Graumlich, the team from UW and King County Executive Dow Constantine (from left: Sally Jewell, Kristie Ebi, Sally Clark, Jeremy Hess, Dennis Hartmann, Lisa Graumlich, LuAnne Thompson, Heidi Roop, Dow Constantine)

King County Executive Dow Constantine will present University of Washington with the King County Environmental Catalyst Award, in recognition of efforts across the University to understand climate change, its impacts and the best responses to it. The Environmental Catalyst award is the highest honor bestowed at the county’s Green Globe Awards, held every two years to recognize organizations in King County working to protect the local environment. 

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New faculty and recent faculty promotions at UW Environment (2017-2018)

UW logo

New faculty at UW Environment Sixteen outstanding new faculty members with a wide range of experiences and expertise have recently started or will soon start at UW’s College of the Environment. The College community — its undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff — will benefit immensely from their contributions during the 2017-2018 academic year and beyond. The College’s impressive group of scientists and researchers now includes: Andrew Berdahl, assistant professor, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Edward Blanchard, research assistant professor, Atmospheric Sciences Greg Bratman, assistant professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences Randelle (Randie) Bundy, assistant professor, Oceanography Shuyi Chen, professor, Atmospheric Sciences Sarah Converse, associate professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences and Aquatic and Fishery Sciences T.J. 

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