Did nextearthquake.com really forecast the Hawaii earthquake? – LiveScience.com

Every two weeks, Reginald Roberts posts a new set of earthquake forecasts on his website, NextEarthquake.com. Roberts says his earthquake forecasts, which included a prediction of the earthquake that shook Hawaii on Thursday (Oct. 20), are accurate over 90 percent of the time. If Roberts is right, then all the world’s seismologists and earthquake geologists are wrong when they say earthquakes are too chaotic to be predicted. 

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Loving the chambered nautilus to death

A chambered nautilus swam near Gnemelis Drop-Off, Palau, in the southwestern Pacific. Marine biologists have begun to consider whether it should be listed as an endangered species.

It is a living fossil whose ancestors go back a half billion years—to the early days of complex life on the planet, when the land was barren and the seas were warm. Naturalists have long marveled at its shell. The logarithmic spiral echoes the curved arms of hurricanes and distant galaxies. In Florence, the Medicis turned the pearly shells into ornate cups and pitchers adorned with gold and rubies. 

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