Natural Hazards and Resilient Communities Lecture Video: UW’s John Vidale

Surviving Disaster: A tale of three Seattle tremblors

Unlike some natural disasters that we can depend on arriving at our doorstep every year—hurricanes, tornados, fires—earthquakes can be out of sight and out of mind because of their relative infrequency. But when the Big One strikes, it could be a real catastrophe for the Pacific Northwest coast, deeply disrupting the lives and economies throughout the region. John Vidale, professor of Earth and Space Sciences and chief seismologist for the State of Washington, wants people to be aware of the threats. 

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College of the Environment announces 2015-2016 scholarship recipients

At the College of the Environment, we’re striving to build a truly sustainable world—one where a robust economy, social equity and a healthy environment go hand in hand. Our students are tackling this head-on, driving discovery, and generating new knowledge that’s accessible beyond academia. The College’s Office of the Dean is pleased to help support their work, and congratulates all of the 2015-2016 scholarship awardees below—it’s an honor to support their contributions to our campus, our communities and the planet. 

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UW ecologist and citizen scientists lead the charge against invasive crayfish

There’s no time­ like the present for Pine Lake residents—an invasive species of crayfish has taken hold in their backyard and community members are mobilizing to give them the boot. Even though it means setting aside several hours a week during western Washington’s best weather months, these citizen scientists swap their fishing poles for cage traps, hiking boots for clipboards, and swimsuits for scientific instruments to restore the lake’s ecosystem. 

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Antarctic ice core shows northern trigger for ice age climate shifts

Researchers inside a snow pit at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet drilling site in 2008.

University of Washington scientists in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences were part of a multi-institutional research team that has discovered a consistent link between abrupt temperature changes in Greenland and Antarctica during the most recent ice age. Using evidence trapped in ice cores from the West Antarctica Ice Sheet, the team from UW used analyses of oxygen molecules in the ice to uncover precise records of Antarctica’s temperature history. 

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Admitted Student Preview: Explore the College of the Environment’s programs!

Were you recently offered admittance to the University of Washington? Congratulations on a huge accomplishment and the start of a new, exciting chapter in your academic career! If you’re interested in natural environments, living creatures big and small, and solutions-focused conversations about the future of our planet, the College of the Environment might be the perfect place for you. In coordination with the University’s Admitted Student Preview events, discover what the College of the Environment is all about by attending one (or all!) 

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