9 news posts from August 2021

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Volcanic eruptions may have spurred first ‘whiffs’ of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere

Roger Buick in 2004 at the Mount McRae Shale in Western Australia

A new analysis of 2.5-billion-year-old rocks from Australia finds that volcanic eruptions may have stimulated population surges of marine microorganisms, creating the first puffs of oxygen into the atmosphere. This would change existing stories of Earth’s early atmosphere, which assumed that most changes in the early atmosphere were controlled by geologic or chemical processes. Though focused on Earth’s early history, the research also has implications for extraterrestrial life and even climate change. 

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UW Environment announces 2021-2022 dean’s office scholarship recipients

Dubs up, UW Class of 2016!

The College of the Environment is pleased to announce the following undergraduate and graduate scholarships awarded for 2021-22. Del Rio Endowed Environmental Studies Scholarship The Del Rio Family Foundation established the Del Rio Endowed Scholarship Fund for Environmental Studies to encourage and support students with an interest in the environment who are participating in the Educational Opportunity Program. The Program promotes academic success and graduation for under-represented ethnic minority, economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students at the University of Washington. 

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Official recognition of Southern Ocean brings Earth’s total to five

iceberg and research vessl in the southern ocean

Growing up, most of us learned there were four oceans making up 71% of earth’s surface: The Arctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic. Now, there are five. The Southern Ocean is the most recent addition, officially recognized by National Geographic in June of 2021 on World Ocean Day. While the other four oceans are defined by continental boundaries, the Southern Ocean is different: it is the only ocean connecting the other oceans through a current that circles the entire globe. 

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Two UW Environment researchers honored by the American Meteorological Society

Cecilia Bitz and Shuyi Chen's headshots

Two Atmospheric Sciences researchers were honored by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) for their contributions to the weather, water and climate research community. Shuyi Chen, professor and incoming UW Environment associate dean for research, received the Sverdrup Gold Medal. Cecilia Bitz, Atmospheric Sciences department chair and professor, received the Syukuro Manabe Climate Research Award. The AMS advances the atmospheric and related sciences, technologies, applications and services for the benefit of society. 

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