UW Commencement
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UW Commencement

It is graduation season, and with that comes well wishes for our graduates and an opportunity to shine a light on their accomplishments. In appreciation of their contributions to enriching the College of the Environment in numerous ways, the College has decided to fund a project jointly with the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF). Recognizing our students are the next generation of leaders in environmental science and decision-making, we believe this is a contribution that showcases our collective commitment to the sustainability and the well-being of our Husky Community and our planet.

Based on the recommendation of our Student Advisory Council and a vote by our graduating students, the College will help fund the Native Gardens at UW Farm project. In partnership with wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ (the Intellectual House) and American Indian/Alaska Native & world indigenous student groups on campus, students designed and planted a garden of indigenous plants with significance in native food traditions. This is a step toward food sovereignty on the UW campus, allowing students, staff, faculty and the community to learn about, grow and consume traditional foods.

The project was designed for the students involved to plan the garden and events with campus and community partners, which are envisioned to include educational events, community gatherings, arts and storytelling. This project will contribute to biodiversity and restoration by reintroducing native plant species to the UW campus at two of the UW Farm’s growing sites. It will specifically focus on the reintroduction of edible and medicinal plant species, addressing food sovereignty, food insecurity and access to healthy foods, and will increase the amount of food grown on campus. These activities help address social and environmental sustainability issues.

Congratulations, class of 2021!