10 news posts from April 2021

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Equity and Inclusion at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Juno O'Neill, Mark Sorel and Kimberly Yazzie

Working towards equity and inclusion is a community effort, and one that requires active participation and push for change. The Equity & Inclusion (E&I) Committee is at the helm of advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice initiatives at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS), and they have been working to make the School and community a more welcoming place. 

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UW launches GeoHazards Initiative; names Paros Chair in Seismology and GeoHazards

Shot of UW campus and Portage Bay

Leveraging the tectonic laboratory of the Cascadia subduction zone, the University of Washington today announced a new effort to best understand how to study and live with the threats of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, landslides and other seismic hazards. Dubbed the GeoHazards Initiative, the interdisciplinary work aims to develop and promote the adoption of early detection systems both on land and at sea to help prevent the loss of human life and property. 

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Thousands of baby sea stars born at UW lab are sign of hope for endangered species

Research assistant Fleur Anteau checks on year-old juvenile sunflower sea stars in the UW lab as research scientist Jason Hodin examines month-old sea star larvae under a microscope.

Just a few days shy of the first day of spring, scientists at Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island had reason to celebrate. Dozens of juvenile sea stars, no bigger than a poppy seed, had successfully metamorphosed from floating larvae to mini star — the important first step toward becoming an adult. Between now and then, these sunflower sea stars, the largest sea star species in the world, will grow up to 24 arms and a colorful body the size of a serving platter. 

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David Battisti named to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

David Battisti

David Battisti, professor of atmospheric sciences, was recognized amongst leaders in academia, business, philanthropy, the humanities and the arts elected as a 2021 fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honorary societies. “We are honoring the excellence of these individuals, celebrating what they have achieved so far, and imagining what they will continue to accomplish,” said David Oxtoby, president of the academy. 

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Vice Admiral Fagan ’00 named USCG Vice Commandant

Vice Admiral Linda L. Fagan, MMA Class of 2000

School of Marine and Environmental Affairs alumna Vice Adm. Linda L. Fagan has been nominated by the White House to be the next Vice Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. If confirmed, Vice Admiral Fagan would serve as the first woman to be promoted to a 4-star rank in the Coast Guard. She currently serves as the commander of the Coast Guard Pacific Area, overseeing all Coast Guard missions from the Rocky Mountains to the waters off the East Coast of Africa. 

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