David R. Montgomery
David R. Montgomery

David Montgomery, professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington, has been elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences, according to an announcement July 15 by the academy.

The new members are lauded for “their outstanding record of scientific and technical achievement and their willingness to work on behalf of the academy to bring the best available science to bear on issues within the state of Washington.” The academy’s current membership selected 17 of the new members, and four were chosen by virtue of their election to one of the National Academies.

He was elected “for fundamental contributions to geomorphology, for the elucidation of soils, rivers, and landscapes as underpinnings of ecological systems and human societies, and for reaching broad audiences through trade books on agriculture, microbes, creationism, and fisheries.”

New members are to be inducted at the annual members meeting, which is currently scheduled for September.

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