John Marzluff with crow
John Marzluff with crow

Farming and food production can be made more compatible with bird and wildlife conservation, says University of Washington ornithologist John Marzluff in his latest book.

In Search of Meadowlarks: Birds, Farms, and Food in Harmony with the Land” was published in February by Yale University Press.

“Agriculture and wildlife can coexist,” Marzluff, a professor of environmental and forest sciences, writes, “if farmers are justly rewarded for conservation; if future technological advancements increase food production and reduce food waste; and if consumers cut back on meat consumption.” 

Known also for his studies of the behavior of crows, Marzluff is the author of several books, including “In the Company of Crows and Ravens” (2007) and “Welcome to Subirdia” (2015).

He argues that with human populations predicted to surpass 11 billion by the year 2100, agriculture stands at “crossroads” in its evolution. The new book reflects Marzluff’s study of sustainable food production farms and ranches across North and Central America, including vineyards in California, a Nebraska corn and soybean farm and small, sustainable farms in Costa Rica.

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