Professor Kerry Naish
UW Environment
Professor Kerry Naish

In recent years, faculty, staff, and students from across the College of the Environment have played a vital role in discussing, shaping, and ultimately creating a new Marine Biology major. This exciting new offering from UW Environment will launch during the autumn quarter of 2018.

“I’m impressed that the framers of this major could simultaneously create something that is stand-alone, and something that can — and will — be used as a pathway to discover over majors, including Oceanography, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, and perhaps event Biology and Psychology,” Lisa Graumlich, dean of the College of the Environment, said. “With more students interested in marine sciences and studies turning their attention to UW, we all know we stand to gain.”

Kerry Naish, an evolutionary geneticist and professor at the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, has accepted the position of inaugural director of Marine Biology. Naish has been heavily involved in the development of the Marine Biology major, including co-developing a Marine Evolution course with faculty from marine sciences, collaborating with the first Marine Biology committee, and working across all three participating units — Oceanography, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, and Friday Harbor Labs — to bring the major to fruition.

“She is an exemplary teacher and mentor and has been deeply involved in curricular work,” Graumlich said. “Kerry leaps into Marine Biology fully committed to bringing vibrant, experiential major to life, and to bringing faculty from across our College, campus, and university together to evolve and deepen this new major. I am simply thrilled that Kerry will lead this exciting effort.”