Udall scholars Ashley Lewis (left) and Alishia Orloff (right).
Udall scholars Ashley Lewis (left) and Alishia Orloff (right).

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences‘ Ashley Lewis and Environmental and Forest Sciences‘ Alishia Orloff, both juniors at UW, will join 50 students from around the country as Udall Scholars. A competitive award, the review committee selected this year’s scholars from 437 nominees based on the students’ commitment to careers in the environment, Native health care or tribal policy, as well as their leadership potential, public service and academic achievements.

Ashley Lewis is a business owner, outdoor enthusiast and Native American fishing guide who’s eager to protect the outdoors and show the world that leaders come in all forms. Alishia Orloff is compelled by terrestrial and riparian environments, captivated by the interdisciplinary processes that drive ecosystems, and endeavors to better the relationship between people and their lands.

The scholarship provides each student with up to $7,000 for tuition, room, board or supplies. The Morris K. and Stewart L. Udall Foundation also hosts a five-day orientation in Tucson, Arizona. There, scholars will meet each other and program alumni, complete a case study and interact with community leaders in environmental fields, tribal health care and governance.

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