Dubs up, UW Class of 2016!
University of Washington
Dubs up, UW Class of 2017!

It is graduation season, and with that comes well wishes for our graduates and an opportunity to shine a light on their accomplishments. In appreciation of their contributions to enriching the College of the Environment in numerous ways, the College has decided to fund a project jointly with the Campus Sustainability Fund. Recognizing our students are the next generation of leaders in environmental science and decision-making, we believe this is a contribution that showcases our collective commitment to the sustainability and the well-being of our Husky Community and our planet.

Based on the recommendation of our Student Advisory Council and a vote by our graduating students, UW Environment will help fund the Friday Harbor Labs Composting Facility: A home for the Rocket 700 composter at the College’s marine biology laboratory on San Juan Island. The new industrial composting facility will handle all food waste production at Friday Harbor Labs — reducing their CO2 emissions by 11 metric tons each year, yielding sufficient compost to cover a new student-run community garden and all the landscaping needs on the grounds. The facility will be overseen by a new quarterly FHL Student Compost Ambassador, who will coordinate with the Friday Harbor Labs’ administration, maintenance and cafeteria staff to plan, help construct and operate the facility.