Dean Lisa Graumlich
Lisa J. Graumlich, the AGU’s newest Board of Directors member

Congratulations to College of the Environment Dean Lisa J. Graumlich, who has officially joined the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Board of Directors.

“I’m honored that I was elected by my peers to play a leadership role in such an influential scientific organization,” Graumlich said. “In the past decade, AGU has taken a more active role in public engagement, scientific literacy and increasing inclusion in science. I’m excited to work with the Board to accelerate and support the momentum in these areas.”

Graumlich was the candidate recommended by AGU’s Governance Committee, and votes were cast at a special election in February. AGU President Eric Davidson and other Board members welcomed her at their leadership orientation in March.

AGU is a nonprofit organization of geophysicists consisting more than 62,000 members from nearly 150 countries. The organization works to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity, and is known around the world as a preeminent of the scientific community.

“Since I was an assistant professor, the AGU Annual Meetings were sources of inspiration for me, as to how we actually understand the Earth as a system. It was where I got to rub shoulders with the best thinkers in Earth and atmospheric sciences, as well as the emerging field of biogeosciences,” she said.

The AGU Board of Directors, is responsible for the overall health of the organization and handles all business affairs related to AGU, including legal, financial, strategy and governance.

“In being recruited for the Board, the AGU leadership was keen to tap my talents at managing large, complex organizations that meld discovery and problem-focused science,” Graumlich said. “My tenure at the College of the Environment has been invaluable in preparing me for this role.”