Two University of Washington undergraduates from the College of the Environment recently received Outstanding Student Paper Awards from the American Geophysical Union as a result of their presentation at the annual fall meeting held in December 2016.

Eliza Dawson, a senior in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, won based on her presentation titled “Variability of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone Related to Changes in the Inter-Hemispheric Dust Load.”

Katharine Bingham, a senior at the School of Oceanography, also won for her talk called “Interpretation of the Relationship Between Benthic Fauna, Geologic Distributions and Methane Seeps at the Southern Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin.”

The Outstanding Student Paper Awards promote, recognize and reward undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students for quality research in the geophysical sciences. Each year, sections and focus groups recruit judges to assess and score student oral and poster presentations at meetings. Typically the top 3-5% of presenters in each section/focus group win one of these awards.