Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past week, three new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about sustainability of fisheries, dynamic carbonate sedimentation, and more. Read on!

1. Title: On the sustainability of inland fisheries: Finding a future for the forgotten
Authors: Cooke, S; Allison, E; Beard, T; Arlinghaus, R; Arthington, A; Bartley, D; Cowx, I; Fuentevilla, C; Leonard, N; Lorenzen, K; Lynch, A; Nguyen, V; Youn, S; Taylor, W; Welcomme, R
Source: Abio, Volume 45, Pages 753-764. Published November 2016

2. Title: What is the Role of Sea Surface Temperature in Modulating Cloud and Precipitation Properties over the Southern Ocean?
Authors: Huang, Y; Siems, S; Manton, M; Rosenfeld, D; Marchand, R; McFarquhar, G; Protat, A
Source: Journal of Climate, Volume 29, Pages 7453-7476. Published October 2016

3. Title: Dynamic carbonate sedimentation on the Northern Line Islands Ridge, Palmyra Basin
Authors: Lyle, M; Pockalny, R; Polissar, P; Lynch-Stieglitz, J; Bova, S; Dunlea, A; Ford, H; Hertzberg, J; Hovan, S; Jacobel, A; Wertman, C; Maloney, A; Murray, R; Wilson, J; Wejnert, K; Xie, R
Source: Marine Geology, Volume 379, Pages 194-207. Published September 2016