Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past week, nine new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about sustainability and wetland loss. Read on!

1. Title: Water activities of NaClO4, Ca(ClO4)(2), and Mg(ClO4)(2) brines from experimental heat capacities: Water activity >0.6 below 200 K
Authors: J. Toner, D. Catling
Source: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 181, Pages 164-174. Published May 2016

2. Title: Theoretical impacts of habitat loss and generalist predation on predator-prey cycles
Authors: K. Vitense, A. Wirsing, R. Tyson, J. Anderson
Source: Ecological Modelling, Volume 327, Pages 85-94. Published May 2016

3. Title: Wetland Loss, Juvenile Salmon Foraging Performance, and Density Dependence in Pacific Northwest Estuaries
Authors: A. David, C. Simenstad, J. Cordell, J. Toft, C. Ellings, A. Gray, H. Berge
Source: Estuaries and Coasts, Volume 39/Issue 3, Pages 767-780. Published May 2016

4. Title: Reconstructing semi-arid wetland surface water dynamics through spectral mixture analysis of a time series of Landsat satellite images (1984-2011)
Authors: M. Halabisky, L. Moskal, A. Gillespie, M. Hannam
Source: Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 177, Pages 171-183. Published May 2016

5. Title: Engage key social concepts for sustainability
Authors: C. Hicks, A. Levine, A. Agrawal, X. Basurto, S. Breslow, C. Carothers, S. Charnley, S. Coulthard, N. Dolsak, J. Donatuto, C. Garcia-Quijano, M. Mascia, K. Norman, M. Poe, T. Satterfield, K. Martin, P. Levin
Source: Science, Volume 352/Issue 6281, Pages 38-40. Published April 2016

6. Title: mangal – making ecological network analysis simple
Authors: T. Poisot, B. Baiser, J. Dunne, S. Kefi, F. Massol, N. Mouquet, T. Romanuk, D. Stouffer, S. Wood, D. Gravel
Source: Ecography, Volume 39/Issue 4, Pages 384-390. Published April 2016

7. Title: Quantifying variable importance in a multimodel inference framework
Authors: X. Giam, J. Olden
Source: Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Volume 7/Issue 4, Pages 388-397. Published April 2016

8. Title: Synthetic datasets and community tools for the rapid testing of ecological hypotheses
Authors: T. Poisot, D. Gravel, S. Leroux, S. Wood, M. Fortin, B. Baiser, A. Cirtwill, M. Araujo, D. Stouffer
Source: Ecography, Volume 39/Issue 4, Pages 402-408. Published April 2016

9. Title: Communities and change in the anthropocene: understanding social-ecological vulnerability and planning adaptations to multiple interacting exposures
Authors: N. Bennett, J. Blythe, S. Tyler, N. Ban
Source: Regional Environmental Change, Volume 16/Issue 4, Pages 907-926. Published April 2016